Suppliers must fulfil a minimum of two or more of the following criteria to be on our supplier lists in the Club Portal:

  • GPC membership

A GPC membership entails a signed commitment to reduce emissions from the cultural sector in line with the Paris Agreement. This includes continuously improving routines, products and services in order to become more sustainable. A membership also proves a supplier's commitment and interest in sustainability.

  • Provide sustainable options compared to competitors

Suppliers must demonstrate efforts to reduce emissions and promote sustainable production methods compared to conventional alternatives.

Example: An individual/company renting out clothing versus purchasing new clothes.

  • Innovative sustainable products and/or services

Suppliers should offer products/services that are at the forefront of green innovation in their industry.

Example: An equipment rental company offering rechargeable generators versus generators using diesel.

  • Use sustainable options in daily practices

Suppliers should continuously be choosing and preferring more sustainable options in their own daily practices.

Example: Using an electrical car sharing service rather than owning their own fossil fuel car.

  • Climate-friendly certification or documentation

Suppliers must provide evidence, such as certifications, emissions reports or other relevant documentation showcasing the climate-friendliness of their products/services.

Example: We will look at and assess the holistic documentation provided by the supplier, including relevant certifications such as Svanemerket, EcoLabel, Miljøfyrtårn, ISO14001, etc.

  • Pushing for more sustainable practices in their value-chains

Suppliers should be proactive in discussing and requesting increasingly sustainable options, utilizing their influence to promote greener practices throughout their value chains.

Example: A supplier asking for certification, more sustainable options or putting pressure on their own suppliers.

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