How do I use the Tool?

The Green Producers Tool is available both for desktop and as a web app on your phone. And you can use it for different purposes:

1. Plan and compare. Make a budget or use the tool to play around with different concepts - what food to eat, how and where to travel - and immediately see which is the most climate-friendly choice. Members also get production guides that help you and your crew make the most climate-friendly choices before, during and after production.

Screen shot of comparison of alternatives.

Meat or vegetarian? The choice is yours.

2. Collect and enter data. Gather data from your contracts and invoices, talking to your crew, partners and suppliers and maybe even your guests. Enter the information about what you ate, how far you travelled, what kind of equipment you used and for how many days, and see the total number of CO2 equivalents you emitted for each activity, category and for the production in total.

Comparison of different textiles.

It's not always easy to figure out what drives emission, let the tool help you.

3. Download your report. Compare and copy. Check out the aggregated numbers as well as the details of your production. Copy the production inside the tool and use it as a template for next week's, next month's or next year's production. Send the reports to your customers, your board, and the funding scheme that supported your production, or add it to your yearly report. Start looking at how to cut emissions from your productions according to the 55% emission reduction that Norway has committed to. Tell a friend. Rinse and repeat.

Large screenshot from Green Producers Tool

A overview of total emissions at your fingertips.

What activities does the Tool measure?

As producers of film, theatre, festivals and events, we affect many of the same emission categories. We all need transport, equipment, and food. And we generate waste. Therefore, the stem of emission categories is the same for the different types of productions, as shown below. However, we have also adapted the tool to the different production types, with detailed factors that reflect the unique aspect of each industry. In total, the Tool counts 900 different emission factors with more to come.


Select your category in the tool.

Video on set

The Research

The Tool is based on research conducted by CICERO - Center for International Climate Research.