How much does the Green Producers Tool cost?

The price of a yearly licence is based on the size of your company and which line of business you are in. When you purchase your licence for the Tool, membership in the Green Producers Club is included.

Small organisations get the lowest price and large organisations get the highest price. Our goal is that all actors in the cultural sector can access and use the Tool and we constantly work to ensure that our pricing levels reflect this.

Are you a member of Hovedorganisasjonen Virke, Norske Kulturarrangører, Creo, Spekter or the Danish Producentforeningen? If so, you get a 30% discount on your membership and licence.

Enterprise membership

This membership is for buyers and/or producers of visual content and/or events that want the full insight into emissions from both external and internal projects. The licence allows you to hand over the project in full to one or more External Producers, so they can fill in all the data attached to their projects. Includes membership in the Green Producers Club.

Basic membership

This licence is for producers of cultural productions such as film & TV, events, festivals etc. You can invite your internal team as well as your external crew members and suppliers to register their emissions in your internal projects. Includes membership in the Green Producers Club.

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