Be a front-runner.

Many support schemes ask for qualified estimates of emissions from their applicants. Use Green Producers Tool to make an emission budget before your production and submit a detailed climate report after completion. You can also use the budgets to compare and pitch different concepts and present which is more climate-friendly.

Be ready for the EU climate regulations.

In the coming years, companies will have to navigate and report on an increasing number of climate regulations, such as the EU taxonomy. The regulations will differ according to the size of your organisation. But most of you will probably have to report on both direct and indirect emissions by 2030, either directly to the EU or through your clients. When you start using Green Producers Tool, you will have all the necessary numbers to report on your emissions, no matter who is asking and when.

Be the change you want to see in your value chain.

Use the tool to inspire and inform your customers, challenge your suppliers of services and products to calculate their emissions, and influence partners and crew members to start making the most climate-friendly choices possible.

Be attractive and meet your customers' expectations.

Customers are increasingly attracted to producers that are aware of and working to reduce their carbon footprint. By measuring and reducing emissions, you show them that you are doing your part.

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