Club Meetings

We regularly host Club meetings in Copenhagen and Oslo to give our members the chance to get together and exchange ideas and experiences. The meetings also allow us to listen and learn from how you are using the tool. See our upcoming meetings here!

For each meeting, we invite different partners and members to talk about their experiences with green production. How did they implement the Tool? And what did they do to cut emissions after measuring them?

Production and Crew Guides

Our crew and production guides are instructions tailor-made for every profession within the culture sector. To reduce your carbon footprint, it is not enough to measure emissions. The reduction happens as you plan and execute your production. And everyone involved should be given tips and instructions to ensure that you work towards the same goal of a greener production.

We encourage all members to distribute the guides to their crew members in order to raise awareness, spread knowledge and make the transition to sustainable production feasible. Below is a sneak peek at the director’s guide.

Crew guide for director

The Club Portal

A licence to the Tool also grants access to our Club Portal, which is where all the resources for Club members are gathered.

Here, you will find user manuals for the Tool, guidelines on how to use it for your line of business, all the crew and production guides, case studies, FAQs, and lists of relevant links. This is also where you will find the scientific basis for the calculations of all the emission factors. We continuously update the Portal with the latest research done by CICERO. And we will notify you in the Portal when we make updates to the Tool.

Employees at Green Producers Club

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